Triathlon Bike Fitting

We, at “FitMyBike”, believe a great triathlon bike-fit is the one that allows you to be efficient on the bike while being able to execute a decent run. We also believe that in order to achieve this aerodynamics and comfort must become one.

Triathlon Advance

Up to 2 hours / 200 euro

– Detailed interview, history and goals,
– Flexibility and core strength assessment
– Joint angle determination using front and side video analysis
– Full GebioMized saddle pressure analysis measurements and optimization
– Leomo Motion Sensors
– Adjustments to the bike and a complete bike fit report with your measurements
– Comparison of the print & video images before / after
– Analysis and expression of the results

Triathlon Pro

Up to 3 hours / 250 euro

– Pedal technology analysis, comparison of force distribution left / right using foot pressure mapping devises
– Assessment of muscular strength and flexibility
– Analysis of the back line, neck and head position
– Optimal adjustment of elbow pads and aerobars
– Review and selection of the right saddle model in terms of comfort and stability
– Leomo Motion Sensors
– Custom Individual Flexibility training program send by email
– Possibility of ordering custom saddles
– Possibility of ordering custom insoles
– Free, one hour follow up checkup of your bike fit if needed within 1 month

why choose fitmybike?

Pre-fit software

This easy-to-use and professional query module allows for the collection of relevant, target-oriented and structured information

Motion Analysis

High-speed video-analysis with up to four cameras enables the exact capturing of motion quality, joint angles and pedalling motions.

saddle pressure

Pressure mapping at the saddle enables the exact analysis and optimization of the point of contact saddle in a professional bike fitting.

foot pressure

Flexible pressure sensor mats in the cycling shoe deliver previously immeasurable information concerning the exact load.

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