Measuring tech

Pre-fit software

This easy-to-use and professional query module allows for the collection of relevant, target-oriented and structured information

Motion Analysis

High-speed video-analysis with up to four cameras enables the exact capturing of motion quality, joint angles and pedalling motions.

saddle pressure

Pressure mapping at the saddle enables the exact analysis and optimization of the point of contact saddle in a professional bike fitting.

foot pressure

Flexible pressure sensor mats in the cycling shoe deliver previously immeasurable information concerning the exact load.

Custom Products

Custom Saddle

gebioMized that’s ergonomic cycling products made in Germany. After years of intensive research in cooperation with Münster University a worldwide unique and patent-registered product has been developed – the customized gebioMized saddle.

Custom Insoles

It is the contact point Foot – Shoe – Pedal, which is mainly responsible for the load transmission and thus for the run of the whole cycle. That’s why it is important to position the feet as good as possible, both from a performance- as well as from a comfort-oriented perspective.

Fitting Tools

seat angle tools

This little fitting tool makes it easy to measure the saddle inclination to the exact documentation of the saddle position. Due to the weight of the base plate is the measurement stabilizes, the removable digital spirit level is also suitable for use on handlebar and seat tube.

Laser measurements

Laser beam is used to accurately document the initial and last fitting positions. Thus, all changes made to the bike are accurately recorded.

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