What you need to know

Anabol is the ideal supplement for increasing testosterone levels and natural anabolism. In addition to the extracts of Tribulus terrestris and Fenugreek, both with a high content of saponins (do not worry about the name, they are simply compounds with beneficial effects on testosterone), Maca, a native plant from the Andess which has positive effects on testosterone levels and also on libido (i.e., sexual desire).

How to take it

Take one measurement (10g) 30 minutes before bedtime. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.


D-aspartic acid, Fructose, Sucrose, Tribulus dry extract (seeds, Tribulus terrestris – 60% saponins, 40% protodioscins), Fenugreek Extract (seed, Trigonella foenum-graecum L – 60% saponins), Maca dry extract (root, Lepidium meyenii Walp), L-arginine, Flavouring, L-citrulline DL-malate, Zinc citrate, Sweetener (sucralose), acidifier (citric acid), Cholecalciferol.