The ideal mix of large contact surface for more comfort and plenty of legroom for better aerodynamics: with gebioMized Stride we nailed it. The saddle is kept quite narrow in the middle, allowing the pelvis to rotate strongly forwards and at the same time reduces the unpopular saddle shifts. Even in an aerodynamically optimized position the athlete sits slightly further back, which results in a larger contact surface and greater comfort.

Riding Positions

Due to its special shape gebioMized’s Stride allows the athlete to take on two different riding positions with the same set-up: the slightly more upright power position (image on the left) which is more stable and comfortable as well as the more aerodynamic position shifted further to the front with reduced front surface and minimal drag.


One mold, two densities to choose from: We know from our tests in the laboratory and on the road that surprisingly many triathletes need a saddle that is quite similar in basic shape. But different athletes also perceive pressure differently. This is why we offer gebioMized Stride in two densities: Stride N with neutral standard density and Stride S, the slightly softer version.

What’s your match?

Which Stride version is right for you and your needs? Do you feel more comfortable on the neutral N version or the softer Stride S? And how does the saddle have to be adjusted to help you chase more speed and comfort? Your Secret Saddle Club bike fitter will determine your saddle type with you and help you find the perfect saddle by means of a riding position analysis.